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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the FAQ section you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If your questions aren't answered here feel free to contact our Opens internal link in current windowsales department or Opens internal link in current windowsupport team.


Does AddressDoctor add the rural route information for Canadian addresses?

The AddressDoctor Software Library adds the rural route information to the address verification results. This means that the rural route is returned as part of the formatted address for rural addresses in Canada. This is available for the Batch, Interactive and Fast Completion modes. It should be noted that this functionality is not available for the Certified mode due to SERP rules and regulations.


4370 Lorimer Rd
Whistler V0N 1B4

4370 Lorimer Rd

RR 4

Whistler BC V0N 1B4

Process Status = C4
Address Type =”R”

What is the Extended Element Result Status (EERS)?

The Extended Element Result Status (EERS) code is a twenty character output string similar to the existing Element Result Status field for all valid or corrected addresses.  The EERS informs the user that additional information may be available in the reference database for the given address. 

Does AddressDoctor support thirteen character abbreviation for Canadian localities?

With version 5.3.1 of AddressDoctor's Software Library, customers can use the thirteen character Canada Post locality abbreviations for Canadian address validation.  It should be noted that some municipalities in Canada have names which are 14 or more characters in length and the particular municipality does not see the need to abbreviate the names of these localities.  In such cases, the official name of the municipality will be output.

Does AddressDoctor offer Multi-Language Support for Canada?

Yes, with AddressDoctor Software Library 5.3.1, AddressDoctor offers Multi-Language Support for Canada. Customers in Canada can specify the language of the output or preserve the language of the input address.  This implies that customers can output an English address in French in Québec for example.  Please note that only Street Descriptors and Provinces are available in multiple languages in version 5.3.1.

Why is it important that an address validation software is certified by postal organizations?

Postal certifications serve as a standard for address data quality measurement and allow customers to benefit of postage discounts. They are an absolute necessity if you plan to post bulk mail at discounted rates within specific countries. Customers like direct marketing agencies or online shops benefit from accurate addresses which culminates in more efficient and timely mail delivery.

Main benefits:

  • Mailing discounts for mass mailings in specific countries
  • Punctual and correct mail delivery thanks to valid addresses
  • Reduced costs, caused by inaccurate addresses and non-deliverable mail
  • Improved effectiveness of direct marketing activities
  • Strengthened customer retention with timely and accurate correspondence
Does AddressDoctor validate Irish postal addresses?


Due to popular customer demand, AddressDoctor has introduced support for Ireland in version 5.3.0. In Ireland, postal addresses do not use a postal code system. Rural addresses are specified by the county, nearest post town and the townland. Urban addresses are specified by county, city or town name, street name, house number, and apartment or flat number where relevant. A house name may be used instead of a number.

AddressDoctor’s new address validation software for Ireland is able to verify and correct those addresses built on a database containing almost 59,000 locality names and more than one million addresses. This enhancement will help customers ensure that mailings and shipments are correctly addressed in order to reach their destination in Ireland.

Irish mailing addresses are composed of the following elements:

  • Company or individual's name
  • House name (where applicable)
  • Street Address (including house number where applicable)
  • Town (prefix the town with "IE" if item is mailed within Europe)
  • County (not required for cities or county towns)
  • IRELAND (not required where town name is prefixed with "IE" and item is mailed within Europe)

Example of an Irish Address Format:
The Avalon Hotel
IE DUBLIN 4 -> Dublin and Cork use a 1 or 2 digit zone number.

Does AddressDoctor's Software Library support the British Forces Postal File (BFPO)?


British Forces working abroad can take advantage of ordering goods online or via telephone. AddressDoctor has implemented the Royal Mail British Forces Post Office (BFPO) data into the Software Library Version 5.3.0. This information is available in the Royal Mail Postal Address File. Customers can ensure that goods ordered by Military personnel stationed abroad do not go astray.

An example of a BFPO address:

BFPO 802 -> Thoroughfare/Street
BFPO -> Post Town
BF1 1AB -> Postal Code

What does HNO mean?

HNO is the abbreviation for house number, for example:

208 S Wilmington St
Raleigh NC 27601

The house number (HNO) is “208”

What does CASS, SERP, SNA, SendRight or AMAS Certified mean?

Five postal organizations worldwide offer an official certification process for address validation software: USPS, Canada Post, La Poste in France, New Zealand Post and Australia Post. AddressDoctor's Software Library has achieved their stringent address data cleansing and validation criteria and received all of the five following certifications:

  1. SendRight (New Zealand Post)

  2. SNA (La Poste France)

  3. CASS (USPS - Unites States Postal Service)

  4. AMAS (Australia Post)

    5. SERP (Canada Post)

How does AddressDoctor make sure the system is always available?

AddressDoctor employs the most recent technology in order to assure optimal system availability at all times. As a matter of course, the system is checked constantly and hosted on a highly available cluster.  An uptime report is available at: www.websitepulse.com/publish/s0e0i4t8q.html

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I receive bad results when validating my addresses. What can be the reason for this?

Unfortunately, it may happen that the result of address cleaning is not satisfactory. The five most common reasons for this are

  • Incorrect Field assignment
  • Input data is missing too much information
  • Necessary fields have not been assigned
  • Too many unnecessary fields have been assigned
  • Corrupt input data
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Is the province information returned by AddressDoctor using the ISO standard?

Province information (defined as State, Kanton, Prefecture, Province, Bundesland or County depending on the country) is returned as typically used by the postal operator in the respective country. In most cases postal administrations define a complete list of abbreviations to be used for addressing.

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Which alphabets does AddressDoctor support?

AddressDoctor supports the following alphabets:

  • Transliteration of various Latin code page characters ISO 8859-X to Latin (Eastern and Northern European alphabets)
  • Greek (BGN/PCGN 1962, ISO 843 – 1997)
  • Cyrillic (BGN/PCGN 1947, ISO 9 – 1995)
  • Japanese Kana and Kanji
  • Chinese Pinyin transliteration (Mandarin, Cantonese) for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese
  • Korean Hangul
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How can I determine if a postal code is valid for a country?

Use the FastCompletion mode of the Web Service or of the AddressDoctor Software Library and pass the postal code as well as the country. You may then check the ElementMatchStatus value for the postal code (first position) to determine if the postal code exists in that country. If the code exists the first position of the ElementMatchStatus will contain a value of 4.

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Is AddressDoctor able to guess the right country?

Even though our engine has some built-in features to detect a country, it will not always succeed in doing this and in some cases the country recognition may even fail. The only way to prevent this to always supply country information in a separate country field.

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Does AddressDoctor parse out street directionals or street designators?

The AddressDoctor v5 Software Libraries (API) will return street pre/post directional and / or designators.  However at this time the AddressDoctor Web Services do not have the capability to return this information.

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How does AddressDoctor correct / standardize an address?

The process of address validation / standardization can be divided into two actions:
Identifying the address element and comparing the data against reference tables.

In the first step, AddressDoctor tries to identify address elements and assigns them to the correct fields, this is called PARSING.
The identified address elements which are truncated or shortened will be changed to the proper form before the comparison takes place.

Address validation is the second step, in which the pre-structured address data is compared against reference tables supplied by postal organizations.
All relevant data will be used in this matching process. This differs from country to country, because some countries need address parts that are not existing or not relevant in other countries (e.g. post codes or province names), and the detail level supplied for this country. Some countries supply house number or building information, while others only give post codes for town parts. If all relevant input address parts create a single match, the address will be selected as result. This match does not need to be a complete match for all address parts - it can be a partial match for some.
If some of the components create a no match, AddressDoctor will check the addresses that created a match on the most address parts and will try to select the best of these addresses as the result. In many cases it is not possible to fully validate an address, because the matching will end in multi match or no match situation, where many address parts did or did not create a partial match. In these cases, AddressDoctor has a unique deliverability assessment feature that classifies addresses according to their probable deliverability.

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Is there a different interface for each country?

All countries can be accessed through the same interface. This is what makes AddressDoctor so unique. Simply learn one interface and process data from the entire world.

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I did not receive my activation Email. What can I do to let the system send the Email again?

Add Opens window for sending emailservice(at)addressdoctor(dot)com to your list of authorized or safe senders. Log into the Data Quality Center, from the "Manage Jobs" menu select "List of Jobs" .Click the "Job ID", verify that e-mail address is correct. If necessary, update the e-mail address and press save, reclick the Job ID. On the bottom of the window click the word "ok" under "Field Assignments", click "Next" until you reach the Summary screen. Verify the information on the Summary screen and click "Finish". Upon clicking finish the system will regenerate the validation preview and send the activation e-mail.


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