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We offer demos for the AddressDoctor products.


  • Based on the world's largest postal reference database.
  • Validates individual address elements and uses sophisticated phonetic and fault-tolerant methods.
  • Correction only mode: addresses are processed automatically.
  • Suggestion mode: suggestions are presented for ambiguous addresses.
  • Fast Completion mode: supports data entry, i.e. for call centers.
  • Output of standardized, formatted and corrected addresses AddressDoctor Standardization and Formatting.
  • Uses a proprietary, efficient database for the reference data and eliminates the need for an external database.

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  • Mapping between 40 different character sets, including UTF-8, ISO 8859-1, GBK, BIG5, JIS, EBCDIC
  • Character filter on 'a'-'Z' and '0'-'9'
  • Correct "removal" of diacritics according to language specific rules
  • HTML and URL encoding and decoding
  • Unix <-> Windows line break conversions


  • Analyze unstructured or partly structured addresses and divide them into individual elements 
  • Recognize countries (by Name, ISO codes, major cities, etc.)
  • Prepare information before actual address validation occurs for better results
  • Process 40 different character sets and transform between them
  • Standardize address elements (i.e. avenue -> ave, street -> st or vice versa)
  • Reduce the length of individual address elements with "correct" abbreviation
  • Differentiate between business or consumer addresses