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We offer demos for the AddressDoctor products.

Try ...

... the Informatica AddressDoctor Cloud in our online demo free of charge!

... the Informatica AddressDoctor Data Quality Center within your usage scenario (free registration required)!


  • Based on the world's largest postal reference database.
  • Validates individual address elements and uses sophisticated phonetic and fault-tolerant methods.
  • Correction only mode: addresses are processed automatically.
  • Suggestion mode: suggestions are presented for ambiguous addresses.
  • Fast Completion mode: supports data entry, i.e. for call centers.
  • Output of standardized, formatted and corrected addresses AddressDoctor Standardization and Formatting.
  • Uses a proprietary, efficient database for the reference data and eliminates the need for an external database.

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  • Mapping between 40 different character sets, including UTF-8, ISO 8859-1, GBK, BIG5, JIS, EBCDIC
  • Character filter on 'a'-'Z' and '0'-'9'
  • Correct "removal" of diacritics according to language specific rules
  • HTML and URL encoding and decoding
  • Unix <-> Windows line break conversions


  • Analyze unstructured or partly structured addresses and divide them into individual elements 
  • Recognize countries (by Name, ISO codes, major cities, etc.)
  • Prepare information before actual address validation occurs for better results
  • Process 40 different character sets and transform between them
  • Standardize address elements (i.e. avenue -> ave, street -> st or vice versa)
  • Reduce the length of individual address elements with "correct" abbreviation
  • Differentiate between business or consumer addresses