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Web Services

AddressDoctor Web Services


Three services with SOAP interface

1. Interactive

2. Batch

3. FastCompletion

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Order now: Interactive Web Service


  • ensures that only correct addresses are saved in an online shop, CRM or call center system
  • facilitates collection of addresses with data entry support
  • formats international addresses according to the postal rules of the country concerned
  • suggests corrections on request or checks alternatives in the background, e.g. to prevent fraud

Application examples

Order now: Batch Web Service


  • is simple to integrate in your internal application
  • enables regular cleansing of your master data in one go
  • allows batch processing of large address volumes
  • immediately returns corrected data -> immediate availability
  • processes several hundred thousands of data records per hour
  • provides a unique assessment of deliverability
  • can be used via a convenient Excel macro or individual integration in own application via SOAP interface

Order now: FastCompletion Web Service


  • assists you in entering new addresses
  • generates full addresses, e.g. from the zip code and the beginning of the street name
  • makes entering addresses up to 40% faster
  • is ideal for assisting hotel or call center staff with address entry
  • recognizes typing errors

See how quickly the AddressDoctor FastCompletion Web Service will pay for call center and customer service support! The Opens internal link in current windowROI calculator will show you.

AddressDoctor's CRM Connectors


Connectors already exist for many popular software programs (such as CRM Systems or SAP), making the AddressDoctor web services even easier to use. Using a secure SOAP interface, you can validate in real-time international addresses captured in your application.

At a glance

  • Failsafe web services hosted by AddressDoctor
  • Clearly presented billing per address
  • Synchronous services for one or several addresses
  • easy to integrate connectors available for different systems
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