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Informatica AddressDoctor

Address Verification Software for On Premise/In-House Use

Informatica AddressDoctor makes your validation and correction process simple and accurate. AddressDoctor's Software Library validates international address data processing up to 3 million addresses per hour.

Our address verification features include parsing, transliteration, formatting and enrichment. The AddressDoctor Software Library combines all 5 postal certifications in one engine and is CASS, SERP, AMAS, SNA and SendRight certified. Your address data will be compared to the most up-to-date and complete postal reference data. Integrated transliteration allows us to verify address databases captured in different writing systems or foreign languages. Addresses are standardized and formatted to comply with specific local postal requirements. Get a delivery assessment and use integrated geocoding or consumer segmentation to add additional information to your addresses.

Features of Informatica AddressDoctor

The Address Validation Process


Supports different writing systems


Parses and standardizes address elements


Verifies and corrects address elements


Formats addresses according to the postal standards of each country


appends latitude and longitude to your addresses

Consumer Segmentation

add socio-demographic characteristics to your addresses

Your Benefits

  • an easily integrated interface (API)
  • works for all countries
  • All postal certifications
  • high processing speed (3 million addresses per hour)
  • XML and Legacy interface
  • Detailed status codes
  • Correct address formatting according to local standards
  • Easy to install and update via simple file exchange

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