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Select your mode:

1. Interactive mode

  • Checks addresses as they are entered

2. Batch mode

  • Corrects large address volumes in a batch

3. FastCompletion mode

  • Generates full addresses, e.g. from the zip code and the beginning of the street name

4. Certified Mode

  • validates addresses from specific countries in certified mode

Online Address Validation with AddressDoctor Cloud

AddressDoctor Cloud is the fast, accurate and secure solution for international address verification in the Cloud. 

Based on the latest certified AddressDoctor Software Library, it allows online shops, CRM-systems and cloud based services to profit of accurate addresses without installing software.

Addresses are corrected in just a few fractions of a second and transmitted over secure (SSL) links. Users automatically benefit from the latest reference data and up-to-the-minute supplemental content such as geo codes or consumer segmentation

Your Benefits

  • can be deployed immediately - without installing software or maintenance
  • easy to integrate into online shops, CRM systems or other applications
  • works for addresses from 240+ countries and territories
  • free test account
  • free monthly update of reference data 
  • point-address geocoding and consumer segmentation
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USA:+1 (866) 402-2800
Germany:+49 (6237) 9774 - 0
Free Trial

You can test all AddressDoctor products free of charge.

New: Try our Online Demo for AddressDoctor Cloud (no registration required).

Or create your free user account and test AddressDoctor within your own usage scenario or with the Data Quality Center. 

What's new in AddressDoctor Cloud?

  • Improved Performance: AddressDoctor Cloud is fully multi-threaded and therefore offers a higher throughput and processing speed.

  • Better customer insight: New extended status codes provide better insights to your address validation results.

  • Postal Certifications: AddressDoctor Cloud can process addresses in certified mode for specific countries.

  • Point Address Geocoding enables even more reliable and exact geocoding points.

    Please review our Opens internal link in current windowcomparison table to find out all new features of AddressDoctor Cloud compared to the former Web Service 4.

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