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International Address Validation Products to Meet Your Business Needs

When you have an important message to share with contacts and potential clients through the mail or shipping services, you want it to arrive safely at its destination. You want people to see it and read it. Whether it’s a catalog, business letter or advertisement, shipping and mailing is an important step in this process. To make sure that all of the contact addresses on your worldwide mailing list have valid formatting and destination information, you’ll need to verify international address information before sending them out.

With products you can count on, AddressDoctor offers three convenient international address validation programs to help you ensure that the mailing address information is correct. Use our address cleansing online for quick international address verification of one or many addresses. Use our web services as an international address checker for online forms, CRM systems and software applications. If you have several address database users company-wide, you'll need our Software Library.

Self Service Tools

Address Cleansing Online

Self-service tools for quickly checking address lists or individual addresses.

  • Data Quality Center
  • Excel Add-In
  • Postal Code Lookup
Version 5 Software Library

Software Library

For correcting large address volumes for company-wide use.

  • Global address verification
  • Address formatting 
  • Parsing & Transliteration
  • Integrated Geocoding
  • Postal Certifications



AddressDoctor Cloud

Easily integrate an address check in online forms, CRM systems or software applications.

  • Interactive mode
  • Batchmode
  • FastCompletionmode
  • Certified mode
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