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Part of doing business worldwide is making sure that your databases are correct. Without the proper formatting and accurate international address information, your marketing data, package delivery and business correspondence will be ineffective. AddressDoctor's address standardization software allows you to perform foreign address verification on your data and to correct postal addresses from countries around the world.
Our unique software compares your addresses with a reference database. The AddressDoctor reference database currently covers more than 240 countries and territories. Almost every country on the planet is included, allowing you to verify postal address information before you send out letters, packages and direct mail advertising.

AddressDoctor's reference database is comprehensively updated more than 600 times each year. The most reliable and official suppliers and experts worldwide always keep it current. When choosing our data sources, national postal organizations and official correspondents are our primary sources.

A complete list of all countries supported by AddressDoctor international address verification and the degree of coverage is available:

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The best data

  • >600 updates a year
  • one dedicated team of international data experts
  • 240+ countries & territories
  • official and up-to-date sources
  • all 5 postal certifications worldwide
  • multi-language Support (for example Canada and Belgium)



All 5 Postal Certifications

In some countries, like the USA, France, New Zealand, Canada or Australia, postal organizations set quality standards for address validation software. Only if software meets the strict postal address data cleansing and validation criteria, it will get certified. AddressDoctor is the first address quality software provider having achieved all five existing postal certifications and is therefore certified for SNA, SERP, CASS, SendRight and AMAS.

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Address Transliteration

Chinese, Japanese, and Cyrillic – these are just a few of the foreign writing systems that AddressDoctor reliably masters. Addresses can be automatically transliterated from one system to another. The reference data also contains special characters, as well as locality and street names, in different languages.

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AddressDoctor is a member of...

AddressDoctor is a member of the following international organizations and partner programs:


Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e.V.
Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing
Syndicat national de la communication directe

Contact our AddressDoctor office for more information or to order yours today. Call +1 (866) 402-2800 in the United States or +49 (6237) 977 in Germany.