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Swiss Post International

Swiss Post

Swiss Post International operates as a subsidiary of Swiss Post. It supports customers through successful international direct marketing practices and by providing key tools and important information.
Operating exclusively within the wholesale market, Swiss Post International provides an excellent range of products and services designed for large postal consolidators as well as small mail houses.

Marina Bartetzko-Meyer

"Swiss Post International offers competitive mail solutions to all countries around the world. With our online address cleaning solution combined with AddressDoctor's global coverage we have successfully grown our customer base and business."

Marina Bartetzko-Meyer, Head of Products, Marketing & Communication, Swiss Post International

Benefits for Swiss Post International

  • Increased deliverability of mailings for customers
  • Supplemental service for customers
  • Improved customer retention
  • One solution for 240 countries
  • Monthly updates included with service
  • Fully operated and maintained by AddressDoctor

Quick Facts

  • Self Service Cleansing Portal for customers of Swiss Post International
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Easily customizable
  • Fast realization
  • Includes address cleansing, duplicate identification, geocoding, change of address and deceased check.

Improved Customer Retention with Online Address Cleaning

The Challenge

Modern postal organizations like Swiss Post International continue to develop the business area of address management. For Swiss Post, this translates to helping customers execute successful international direct marketing campaigns. One key success factor for direct marketing is having correct addresses resulting in improved deliverability and reduced costs for postal organizations and their customers.

The Solution: AddressDoctor Data Quality Center

In 2005 Swiss Post International engaged AddressDoctor to develop a customized Data Quality Center (DQC), an online system for the validation and correction of postal addresses.

Swiss Post's DQC, called IAC (International AddressCleaning) allows fully automated cleaning of postal addresses from more than 240 countries. It is easily accessible with a web-browser. The IAC combines AddressDoctor's highly sophisticated technology and its extensive experience and knowledge about addresses from all over the world. Swiss Post's IAC was developed, customized and made "ready for use" within just a few months.

"Leveraging AddressDoctor's global coverage we can assist our customers even better. With address cleaning we are able to achieve better deliverability for our customers. Also the cost-per-contact can be decreased significantly", explains Marina Bartetzko-Meyer, Head of Products, Marketing & Communication at Swiss Post International.