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Deutsche Post Adress

Deutsche Post Adress

Deutsche Post Adress is a leading German provider of solutions for address updating and determination. Founded in 1994, the company, owned by Deutsche Post and Bertelsmann, offers several products and services helping its customers to validate, correct, and update their address data.

"AddressDoctor allows us to handle multi-country files in a single step. We don't know any other company that provides professional address validation for so many countries."


Jörg Schneider, International Sales Director, Deutsche Post Adress

Benefits for Deutsche Post Adress

  • Automatically validate addresses from more than 240 countries in a single step
  • No separate software installation necessary
  • Free and detailed data audit prior to the address validation, including information about the number of hits

Quick Facts

  • AddressDoctor Product: Opens internal link in current windowData Quality Center
  • Identify and flag duplicates
  • Obtain a change of address information for specific countries
  • Enrich addresses with geocodes
  • Format addresses according to international postal standards

Validate addresses from more than 240 countries in a single step

The Challenge

Deutsche Post Adress, a full-service provider, offers updates, validation and deduplication of postal addresses. This subsidiary of Deutsche Post owns comprehensive and up-to-date reference data for the validation of German addresses. To enlarge its offer of address validation, it was searching for a technology provider able to correct address data worldwide.

The Solution: AddressDoctor Data Quality Center

Since 2005, Deutsche Post Adress has successfully used AddressDoctor's Data Quality Center (DQC). This online tool has enabled the service provider to execute jobs fast and accurately and is able to automatically validate postal addresses from more than 240 countries and territories. As part of the DQC service, a change of address check is available as well. For German addresses, this is based on the reference database POSTADRESS MOVE of Deutsche Post Adress.

Free Data Audit

With the free data audit provided by AddressDoctor, Deutsche Post Adress receives information about the current state of an address file prior to the purchase. For example, the DQC audit shows in detail how many addresses need to be corrected, how many are no longer up-to-date (NCoA), and how many are duplicates.