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1&1 Internet AG

About 1&1 Internet AG

Founded in 1988, 1&1 Internet AG is an affiliate of United Internet, a successful listed company. With over 7.7 million customer contracts, 1&1 is a leading internet provider on the world market. The German company provides a broad selection of sophisticated online applications to private individuals and businesses.
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"1&1 operates internationally. Therefore, AddressDoctor's global coverage of more than 240 countries is essential for us. This was a strong selling point and why we selected AddressDoctor over any other provider."

Alexander Sauer, Purchasing Manager 1&1 Internet AG

Benefits for 1&1

  • Accurate customer data from the start
  • Automatic correction suggestions
  • One solution for all countries
  • One easy to use SOAP API
  • Monthly update of reference data free of charge

Quick Facts

  • AddressDoctor product: Opens internal link in current windowInteractive Web Services
  • Fast & easy implementation
  • Real-time address validation at point of data capture
  • Secure through SSL

Address Validation for Online Orders

The Challenge

The product range of 1&1 includes different online applications such as the registration and hosting of domains for international customers.

For a webhosting order at 1&1, customers must first complete their contact information. Because of the multitude of data entry forms on the Internet, there are a lot of variations. Different field names, page frames and data flows confuse even the seasoned user. This often results in incorrect, incomplete or missing customer data.

The Solution: AddressDoctor Interactive Web Services

"Since 2003, postal addresses of our international customers have been validated at point of entry during the order process", explains Alexander Sauer, Purchasing Manager at 1&1. "This is only possible through our use of AddressDoctor's Interactive Web Services." If there is an inaccurate address, one or more options for correction are displayed. A correct address is required for the order to continue.

The implementation of AddressDoctor's Web Services was completed fast and easily using a single interface. The use of AddressDoctor's Web Services is charged per processed address. There are no additional costs for implementation or operation. The monthly update of the reference data is also free of charge. "We save money because we do not have to deal with incorrect addresses anymore", says Mr. Sauer.