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International Address Verification for your CRM System

With AddressDoctor you can easily improve your CRM data quality by integrating an automatic address check in your CRM system. Connectors based on AddressDoctor Cloud already exist for popular CRM software. Using a secure SOAP interface, you can validate in real-time international addresses captured in your application.

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Address Validation in Salesforce

With the AddressDoctor connector for (SFDC) you can ensure that your addresses are valid and complete right from the start. Addresses from all over the world can be verified within as a matter of course. Verification is based on the Opens internal link in current windowAddressDoctor Web Services and thus on the latest reference data.

Your benefits

  • Address verification in real-time 
  • correct and complete addresses right from the beginning
  • easy implementation into your CRM system
  • save time using the auto-completion mode
  • 1 solution for 240+ countries & territories
  • always current and detailled reference data

Two AddressDoctor Plugins for Salesforce

Informatica Cloud Salesforce Plugin

1. Informatica Cloud

Informatica Cloud Address Validation for Salesforce application allows Salesforce users to quickly and easily validate and correct address data with one click, and works within Salesforce. As a special offer, customers can validate 50,000 North American addresses for free.

Atlantic Technologies

2. Partner Atlantic Technologies

Our partner Atlantic Technologies does provide an AddressDoctor plugin for Salesforce, too. Since 1997, Opens external link in new windowAtlantic Technologies has been providing front-end software applications,  systems integration, and software technology advice to the international business community.

>> For more information, please visit the Opens external link in new windowAppExchange website.