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Address Validation Solutions

AddressDoctor offers a variety of solutions to any business that depends on correct customer or supplier addresses. Performing an address check is essential for companies that receive orders online before shipping them out. For a successful delivery and customer retention, it's important that customers receive their orders on time as promised.  An automated address validation tool corrects data online and in real-time to ensure that only valid addresses are saved. This holds true for companies receiving reservations for hotels or vehicles or getting orders for other goods and services.

Address Enrichment

Address Enrichment

  • Add usefull information to your addresses, like geo coordinates or check if your addresses are still up-to-date.
Solutions for online shops and ecommerce

eCommerce & eTail

  • Automatically validates addresses online while they are captured.
Solutions for Hospitality & Tourism

Hospitality & Tourism

  • Integrated in reservation and front office systems
Solutions for dialogue marketing

Direct Marketing

  • Successful direct marketing requires valid addresses.
CRM Address Verification

CRM Address Verification

  • Automated address check for your CRM system, inlcuding SugarCRM, Salesforce, SAP and many more.

Our Partners' Solutions

Many software and consulting companies have integrated AddressDoctor into their solutions. In our partner showcase area, we present you some of our partners having developed products with integrated address check.

Click here to learn more about existing partners.

AddressDoctor’s address correction software can be integrated into the any system, either as a Web Service using a secure SOAP interface or as a Software Library (API). Our address validation tool corrects incorrect entries and if required, it postpones the reservation or order completion process until the address information is accurate.

For more information, contact our AddressDoctor office and learn how it can work for your company.

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